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Being a Girl

Being a girl means that you’ll be treated different from the rest, Every step in life is going to be one hell of a test. When you’re little, you simply can not play outside alone, always wear shorts under your… Continue Reading →

The Tales of a Telugu Girl: Chapter 2: The Gujarati Gang

For a girl studying abroad, she thought she’d have friends from every ethnicity. Little did she expect that a majority of her friends would be from the same country, just a different city. Her first roommates were Gujarati, and weren’t… Continue Reading →

Tales of a Telugu Girl: Chapter 1: The Cooking Conquest

So this tale is about a girl, who was unfamiliar to cooking, about a girl who never for once thought her mom’s meals were a blessing. Twenty one years old, and to make Maggi she’d send her brother. They’d play… Continue Reading →


Hi. I’m graduating today! Watch the ceremony here:

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy, You’ve been protecting me since forever, even before my birth. You didn’t know I was a baby girl, but you definitely knew my worth. I was not just your baby girl, I was your princess. You’ve had big… Continue Reading →

What a Wonderful Winter!

And it’s finally that time of the year again – Winter break!! Potentially my last long break considering I have just one more semester to graduate. So I have big things planned up for this break: a trip back to… Continue Reading →

Yet another milestone – 1 year at San Jose

And I’ve finally reached that “1 year in San Jose” milestone. On my one year anniversary I had varied feelings going on inside, but I definitely couldn’t be more happy. Honestly, I contemplated way too much on coming here. I… Continue Reading →

Tales of a Telugu Girl: Chapter 1: The Cooking Conquest

Dear long distance best friend

No person can go on in life without their set of best friends. But, life can’t go on if you’re not moving forward, staying at the same place. Whether its your childhood bestie or college gang of girls, sooner or… Continue Reading →

To the old times and the new.

So its a new year again and everyone’s talking about their New Year’s resolutions and new beginnings, while I’m here thinking about how much things have changed through the course of 2016. For starters, I’m not even in the same… Continue Reading →

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