As the title suggests, it’s been 6 months since I’ve landed here at San Jose. So on this day I’d like to share the best six things I love about San Jose.

  1. THE FOOD!
    Food just had to be first on the list. 😛 Being in downtown San Jose, its so convenient that all the best food places are close to you, or easily accessible. What would I do without MyMilkshake or Yogurtland or Jack-in-the-Box’s curly fries?? From Pieology’s pizza, Cheesecake factory’s yum pasta, or Madras Cafe’s heavenly dosa, you get everything here in Bay Area.
  2. San Jose State University
    To be honest, SJSU was not my first choice and I was hoping to join some top-notch university. But joining SJSU was the best decision I’ve ever taken and I’m so glad that I was destined to be here. The university provides numerous opportunities for us Computer Science students and this is gonna be such a boost to whatever the future has got for me and my career.
  3. ISO
    Next to joining SJSU, joining the Indian Students Organization was my second best decision. ISO for me today, is not just some student body, it’s my family here at San Jose. ISO is where I found the best friends I could’ve ever hoped for. Every event brings up the excited-me, and it is such a relief and stress buster (cause honestly, there’s no lack of stress at SJSU). I love planning events together, decorating the place, dancing non-stop and just having fun with the people I love.
  4. Roomies
    Considering I don’t have any sisters ( with whom I live ) back at home, I was a bit unsure how this roomie-thing worked. My brother kept saying I would go mad staying with so many girls. But it’s so nice to have girls with the same level of madness as you as roommates! The gossip nights, the fighting over who’s turn it is to pick a movie or read the new book from the book fair, the everlasting dilemma of what to cook for dinner; all these are what make my day complete.
  5. The travel list
    San Jose is close to everything!!! San Fransisco, Santa Cruz, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, 17-mile drive, Point Reyes, LA, San Diego, Santa Monica, (I can go on forever) ; everything is a drive away. Imagine the number of road trips a person can have in their 2 years time here. If travelers were meant to have a home, San Jose would be it!
    And last, but not the least:
  6. The San Jose squad!
    Life wouldn’t have been half as interesting without your squad! And I’m grateful for mine. I’ve got my girls up for a singing-dancing night any night, brothers who mock me just as much but still are up for milkshake or french fries anytime, friends up for movies and pizza any day, the ones who get you through mad submissions-week, the ones who make your weekends better, and the ones who make you forget how much you miss home.

So you see I absolutely adore San Jose for many, many other reasons, but for today I’ll bore you with only these six. These six months have been totally amazing, and I’m super excited for the upcoming months as well.