Your college life wouldn’t be considered complete,

without the set of people you meet.

The sisters pair who now mean the world to you,

the roommate who’s by your side in everything you do.

The super smart friends, who always gives you advice,

The sweet, yet annoying one, who makes you mad once or twice.

That hyper foodie, who keeps your excitement levels high,

The friend that makes you laugh, when all you want to do is cry.

That best friend with whom you make all your secret plans,

The guy who’s always ready for some fun dance.

That senior without whom you’d be lost and clueless,

That friend without whom, your life would be a total mess.

Teammates who have believed in you since day one,

that are more like your family that you love a ton.

That singing friend with his guitar, who makes every chaotic day better,

The friend who makes you feel with each time your brownies get tastier.

That squad of yours with whom you have movie nights and afternoon chai,

The ones without whom not a single day in San Jose can go by.

That friend turned brother, who makes you forget how much you miss home,

Yet constantly irritates you and mocks you, like you were a sister of his own.

In the end, all the little things your people do, sum up to a lot,

And you’ll be happy that they are the family you’ve got.