Five Feet Apart

I guess stories which leave you light headed with a side of heart break are my favourite! 😛

I haven’t seen the movie yet, usually when I get to know that a movie is based on a book, I try my best to read the book first.

The characters in the book are pretty mature, which is refreshing for a Young Adult novel. The female protagonist Stella always wants to be in control, of her lungs, her schedule, all to get better just to keep her parents happy. You could read the synopsis pretty much anywhere so keeping it short, the lead characters suffer from a disease called CF and they can’t be anywhere within six feet apart. So can they fall in love without touching? (Well obviously they can or we wouldn’t have a story right?)

Poe (Stella’s best friend) is my favourite character. I love their friendship, their jokes and their meals over Facetime (cause fellow CFers can’t be in proximity) is the cutest thing ever.

The whole storyline was set for heart breaking moments. Without giving out any spoilers, I think the most clenching part was reading bout how the parents felt bout their sick children, how they do everything in their might and still things aren’t in their control, how they can do nothing but watch their kid grow with that disease, knowing no cure. That’s one feeling I hope no parent has to ever come across.

This book is another good one if you want to get into the habit of reading. Easy to read, entertaining and pretty hard to put down!

Happy reading. 🙂

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