All About Food : Chicken Sizzler

One common trait of all you Hyderabadis out there is love for food. Be it a plate of Biryani, bowl of haleem or a platter of payasam, we Hyderabadis enjoy it all. So for all you foodaholics out there, here’s one dish that really left my tummy satisfied- Spicy Chicken Sizzler at Beach House-Bar and Grill, Madhapur. Though the dish isn’t actually “spicy”, the taste levels of it was off boundaries. The sizzler includes grilled chicken steak with a small serving of flavored rice, and a side of french fries and boiled vegetables swimming in boiling hot gravy. The rustic presentation complements the savory dish as well. It will certainly leave you wanting more!

Chicken sizzler  Overall, Beach House is a great place to hang out with friends. The ambiance of the place is spot on. Price of each item is pretty reasonable. And obviously quality and taste is unquestionable. So for those of you who have visited the place, hopefully you agree with me. 😛 And for those who haven’t, make sure you do check it out.

Happy hogging. 🙂


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