Life at GNITS: Exam Days

Here at GNITS, internal exams have been going on since Monday. Let me give you a quick shot of how the college atmosphere is at this particular time of the year.

Morning scenarios include groups of girls scattered all over the open lawns, the lawn benches, the road pavements and even the basketball court. Late Starters – trying to complete at least one unit on time; Students who have lost hope– who know nothing and have completely given up on reading; Class Smarties– who have finished their portion but still trying to learn more; Last-minute Workers– who loiter around till the last minute when they realize they haven’t studied enough yet ; The Askers– who keep asking people to explain something cause they’re too lazy to read themselves;and the teachers(Not actual faculty 😛 ) – the ones who explain whatever they know to others with some hope that they’d remember the concept better themselves – all the different kinds of people you’d find in these scatters 😛


In the afternoons you can see more groups of students who have exam in the afternoon session. Girls with textbooks in their laps and lunchboxes in their hands, not wasting a single minute of study. Girls trying so hard to concentrate that they start reading out real loud, plugging their ears from unwanted noise, or start walking around the basketball court with books in one hand, and drawing imaginary figures in the air with another.


Evenings are a lot more calmer, now that everyone’s done with their exam for the day. The only place of happening would be the xerox shop- jam packed with students desperate for notes for their next exam. Exam time is the one time where the xerox-shop owner earns like crazy.


But no matter what day it may be – exam or no exam – you will find the basketball team playing at the court from 3:30 😀

Well, hope you GNITS girls did your exams good so far and wishing you good luck for your remaining ones. 🙂

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