Dear long distance best friend

No person can go on in life without their set of best friends. But, life can’t go on if you’re not moving forward, staying at the same place. Whether its your childhood bestie or college gang of girls, sooner or later you’ll have to part ways.

So here’s to my best friends back at home:

Though we’re miles apart, its amazing that you’re the ones who get to know the news happening here first. ( Thanks to WhatsApp, Snapchat and all 😛 )

I love that I can still wake you up at 3 AM and send multiple outfit options on what to wear for a friend’s graduation and you still know my wardrobe, probably even better than me. ( Cause you remind me of that cute top I wore long back and I completely forgot that I owned it. )

I’m glad we still shop together (technically), sending photos from the trial room asking if that dress looks good on me.

Though we don’t see each other everyday, our occasional FaceTime talks that usually start with “OMG! You’ve become fat!” or “Why are you always wearing that Tshirt?” makes me feel like our times spent together were yesterday.

I’m grateful for our Time-zone differences, cause on nights when depression strikes, I know you’ll be awake to take my call (unless you lazy bum didn’t wake up even by noon) and you’ll kick some sense in my head.

The fact that you take daily efforts to get familiar with my friend circle here, so much that you probably know my roommate’s friend’s cousin’s dog’s breed and name, is surprising yet satisfying.

All the little things you do make me believe that true friends do exist, even if they’re miles apart. Distance is just another measure that wouldn’t change a thing, cause I know that when I see you after like maybe 10 more months, it will feel like nothing’s changed at all.

There are a few favorites that last forever, and I’m glad that you guys are mine.


Here’s to all those best friend pairs that are keeping it strong.

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