Dear Daddy,

You’ve been protecting me since forever, even before my birth.
You didn’t know I was a baby girl, but you definitely knew my worth.

I was not just your baby girl, I was your princess.
You’ve had big dreams for me and not just to sit still look pretty in my dress.

Dear Daddy,

You’ve watched me grow into a girl not like the rest.
You made sure that no matter what I did, I was always the best.

You’ve always supported every passion of mine.
And when I failed, you made me get up and say it’s fine.

While everyone criticized my tan cause of basketball practice, saying I wasn’t “fair”,
you cared about how good and happy I was; bout my looks you didn’t care.

Dear Daddy,

In a world where girls are meant to get married and learn household chores,
you believed that I could be so much more.

In a world where girls are meant to be dutiful wives and loving mothers,
you knew I could be greater than all the others.

Dear Daddy,

You sat quietly as society tried to tell you what’s best for me,
then you ignored them all and chose what would keep me happy.

In a world where a girl is judged based on everything she does or does not,
You trusted your daughter and supported her a lot.

Dear Daddy,

When you’re little girl grew up and when it was time to leave the nest,
Though it was the toughest thing for you, you knew it was for the best.

Dear Daddy,

Behind every successful man, is a woman they say.
But behind every successful daughter, is a dad who believed in her all the way.

For all your sacrifices, efforts and things you do,
I just want to the be the best daughter to the best dad, that’s you.


To all the amazing dads out there! <3

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