Connecting The Dots

Connecting The Dots is a guide to leadership for managers in any industry, by the chairman emeritus of Cisco, John Chambers. His reputation definitely precedes him and he is considered one of the biggest global tech leader from Silicon Valley. Chambers’ insights and strategies are not just pertained to the tech industry, leaders from any field of work could find this information beneficial.

The author states these strategies, portraying how he built and followed them through his course of personal and professional life. At moments you may feel that it’s sort of a self-praise but you’ll understand why he had to construct the storyline in that way.

The book certainly gives you a ton of inputs on how to be an effective leader. One of it being how to always embrace change. The author uses the phrase “Disrupt, or be disrupted” to tell us how staying in our comfort zone can lead to monotony and how you can’t plan for a world ahead if you’re not investing in imagining it. He also specifies how you don’t have to disrupt WHO you are to disrupt WHAT you do.

These disruptions or changes always come with a risk factor and you may end up making mistakes. Making those mistakes make you stronger, but not if you’re doing the same thing instead of adapting to a new reality.

The book also talks about certain points that we tend to overlook, like staying calm in a crisis, maintaining trust of your customers, how you can only manage fear and not stop it and many more to help you lead your company or team.

Overall, its a pretty easy read, each chapter has summary points that you can always get back to, and some amazingly insightful leadership tips in the business world.

Happy reading. 🙂

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