The Girl On The Train

So I got my hardcover copy of this book from a used bookstore in Dubai and the cover was all ripped apart so I decided to paint on it! Was definitely super fun.

I’ve read this book before but wanted to reread the physical copy. I haven’t watched the movie so I was hooked on to the book throughout. It’s the perfect mystery/suspense/thriller story with a classic twist to the end, which I didn’t see coming.

The writing style is pretty easy going, quite easy to picture it happening in your head. I love it when authors write from the perspective of various characters – gives you an overview of parallel things happening and what’s going on each character’s mind. (Which I feel is pretty hard to portray or include in a movie.)

I love how the author portrayed the protagonist Rachel, how she looks at strangers houses in a perspective even their owners don’t have, how she feels constantly misunderstood, out of control, damaged.

Another female character Megan is portrayed as a “mistress of reinvention”, who doesn’t know who she’s gonna be tomorrow. I love how they initially make us think that she has a perfect life, but deep down she’s actually troubled. “As if I’m playing at real life instead of actually living it” – is one of my favourite lines of hers from the book.

So overall, for a book that throws light on multiple issues like depression, alcoholism, infidelity, domestic abuse, (murder?), it’s a very captivating book and one of my favorites in the thriller genre.

Happy reading. 🙂

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