This memoir by Trevor Noah talks about his life in Africa, reflecting light on a childhood during apartheid, and right after apartheid ended. It’s nice how he has a funny spin on serious topics like racism and domestic violence, and still manages to convey such an important message across.

This book is called Born a Crime, cause he was born when apartheid existed, to a black mother and a white father, which was illegal back then. The story begins with depictions of his early years of life, how he was kept hidden, how he wasn’t allowed to call his birth father “dad”, how his mother sometimes portrayed herself as a servant to a coloured lady and her “child” (Trevor) just to avoid suspicion.

Majorly, this book is a tribute to his mother, who was selfless, fierce and did everything to keep her son ahead of the rest. How she believed it was her duty to “feed your body, feed your mind, feed your spirit.” and exposed him to things white people did just to show him what he could be, and not confine him to the ridiculous notions of what Blacks should or shouldn’t do, and prepare him for a life of freedom even before they knew freedom would exist.

She also teaches him lessons about treating women at a way young age (like all parents must do), starting with you don’t own a thing/person you love or being more of a man doesn’t mean your woman has to be less than you. (And I’m all ears for this feminism, you go girl!)

He only wants a woman who is free because his dream is to put her in a cage.

This quote felt so true and is seen in so many cases to date all across the world (disclaimer: not in my case. I’m blessed with the best), but it’s so accurate how so many men out there want a submissive wife, someone who would agree and bow down to him, but never fall for such a woman. They fall for a woman is free and spirited, and then make it their mission to drag her down.

The book goes on talking bout many topics like teenage bullying, hustling, domestic abuse and many more, and written beautifully so.

Would definitely recommend and would say it’s a must read in life! Highly entertaining, super fast read and undoubtedly five stars!

Happy reading. 🙂

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