Diwali’s here again.

Another day of the year, as I wake up and rise,

I see yet another gift from dad, catching me by surprise.

Mom’s cooking makes the house smell so sweet,

And you have a long list of people to greet.

This special day will make you go down the memory lane,

Cause yet again, Diwali is here again.

Back to when we were kids, when crackers were fun,

Roaming the streets with in your hand, a toy gun.

The ones bursting the loudest bombs were the bravest,

And the ones who couldn’t at all were the lamest.

As you grow old, you grow out of those as well,

Now I’m just praying my dog’s ears don’t swell.

Diwali’s not much the same as the main,

But yet, Diwali’s here again.

Seeing your family brings out your inner happiness,

Grandparents all congratulating you on your success.

Maybe there’ll be a cake for your brother who did well in his test,

Or maybe you’re craving for your Aunt’s sweets and the rest.

With your cousins you’ll wait for the big dinner that’s overdue,

Hoping for poori and chicken to be on the menu.

You’ll watch your mom become a kid around her cousins,

And watch your dad light up, experimenting his new camera lens.

Maybe there’s no reason behind Diwali at all,

Maybe its just another excuse to stay happy with all.

So here’s wishing you many more excuses to stay happy and keep away the pain,

Cause of course this year, Diwali’s here again.

Happy Diwali. Lots of love. <3

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