All that matters.

So what is happiness for you, you’d say?

Is it that morning cup of chai that starts your day?

That funny post on your Facebook wall,

Or that rush you get while playing basketball.

That moment you get good grades on a test,

Or that one Sunday where you just rest.

That burst of flavor from mom’s homemade food,

The words of appreciation at work when you do good.

A really good movie with popcorn on the side,

that anxiety feeling on a roller coaster ride.

Living a hundred lives by reading a book,

That day when your friends love your look.

Spontaneous dances with your roommates at night,

For no reason, with your brother, picking up a fight.

Sunset on the beach with your friends and all,

Having warm pizza on an evening in Fall.

The praise your team gets when your event’s a success,

Or when your best friend doesn’t care that your room’s a complete mess.

Coming home after a long day, to your dog’s wagging tail,

Or when your favorite store in the mall has a sale.

After a hectic semester, spending some family time,

With perfect ease, getting your poem to rhyme.

Big things have never been the reason for happiness you see,

Enjoying the little things is all that matters, you’d agree.


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