The Tales of a Telugu Girl: Chapter 3: The Christmas Chaos

So it’s that time of the year, where everything’s cold except people’s hearts,
and there’s chaos everywhere, Christmas presents overflowing shopping carts.

Flights will be full, (and costly oh god!), people seeing their families at home,
Or friends planning a trip to winter wonderland, the only time they’re all free to roam.

Kitchens are gonna be messy, baking ingredients scattered everywhere!
Cookies, cake, gingerbread, hot chocolate; yummy sweet smells are in the air!

Houses all bright and warm, with Christmas trees and Christmas lights,
Cities set up with Christmas decorations and people enjoying their nights.

Maybe we’ll visit Christmas in the Park today, grab your beanies we’ll be on our way!
How bout we stop for some ice skating fun, and grab some hot chocolate when we’re done for the day?

Maybe Netflix will release another Christmas special movie, maybe something on Amazon prime.
Alexa, play Christmas Tree Farm by Taylor Swift, that’s gonna be repeat all the time.

What else is on your shopping list, did you get presents for everyone?
Sales at all stores with long lines, shop till you drop or till the day is done.

Whatever you do for Christmas, its a nice way to wrap up the year.
And its always a good excuse to spread some joy and cheer.

There’s something calm about this chaotic day in so many ways,
So to you and your family, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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