The Girl with the Big Dreams

The girl with the big dreams: the title of the journal I’m writing in.
So let me tell you the story of what I’m feeling within.

From the very beginning, the girl knew she was meant for great things,
She expressed love and kindness and was always herself. Unhinged.

She dreamt of a perfect world, a life where she could make a difference,
Pictured a beautiful journey, looked at the world through a rose-coloured lens.

The girl with the big dreams paved her way, stepped back and forth all the way through,
Learned her lessons, paid her dues, owned up to her every move.

She worked hard for those dreams and learned from her mistakes,
She perseveres, thrives, fumbles, falls but never breaks.

She bears the weight of her world on her shoulders with pleasure,
She gives and helps and loves with no measure.

The girl with the big dreams always knew she was perfect in her own way,
She took one step at a time, grateful for every moment, ready to seize the day.

She’s free and soaring, but the world can’t just let her be,
They question her worth, coming from a heart of jealousy.

Her every move came along with the subtle taunt “What will people say?”
She still doesn’t understand how she is harming them in any way.

The girl you see is only one of the many faces she wishes to portray,
Behind the happy girl, are struggles, fear, hardships all hidden away.

She wants to scream “to live life on my own terms is my only desire!”
and no matter what you say, it will never dim down her fire.

The girl with the big dreams, dreams of a society that accepts people for who they are,
And she will see her dreams through, no matter how long, no matter how far.

She’ll continue to look at life through her rose-coloured lens, despite all the dark circles she’s given,
She will inspire other girls just like her and for them she will create a safe haven.

You do your thing, she’ll keep doing hers and win in life,
Whatever you’ve got to say, she’s not wasting time partaking in your strife.

The girl with the BIG dreams was born to fly, and fly she will,
She’s on a BIG adventure, she’s going up that hill.

Bring her down? You can try, but you will not succeed my friend.
‘Cause she is living life for herself, until the very end.

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  1. Namrata Rudraraju

    Very inspiring poem. TQ so much

  2. Anshu Rudraraju

    Will never comprehend how you write like this and articulate your thoughts and feelings so beautifully. In constant awe of you and your many talents!!

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