This memoir by Barack Obama, former U.S. president, shows his political life, from his campaign to his first term as president.

If any of you are thinking bout why a book by an American President should ever concern an Indian girl like me, it’s because of one statement he mentions in the book:
“Part of the argument I made to Michelle before running for president was that if I pulled it off, kids all over the world would see themselves and their possibilities differently. And that alone would be worth it.”

And I found that statement to be very true. Barack Obama has been an inspiration to kids, young adults and people who don’t fit in, to believe that they can be greater than they could ever imagine. That’s the kind of attitude this world needs now more than ever.

The part depicting the election campaign was one of my favourites, the anticipation, the excitement, the hope, (even though we’re well aware of what the end result was!) At the same time, there were some heart-clenching moments, especially the ones pertaining to racial discrimination, how years of discrimination where African Americans couldn’t enter many suburban neighbourhoods safely, how work was almost always out of reach, how strong their disbelief was that they felt having an African American president is as far-fetched as a pig taking flight!

The majority of the book describes his role as President, which is obviously not an east one. There are some lessons that I’ve learnt and definitely intend to follow by, like to not set expectations that you can not possibly meet, or how whatever you do won’t be enough, but you got to try anyway.

Overall, it’s a pretty intriguing and inspiring book. If you are unaware of US politics, then it would take a little time and research to understand few points. But I’m glad I picked up an interest in biographies, cause this one’s golden. Can’t wait for part two!

Happy reading 🙂

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