If dragons isn’t a good enough reason for you to read the book, how bout war and conspiracy, super strong character lines and tons of surprises?!

History of the Targaryen kings, how kings landing came into place, the conquering of Westeros, a hint on where Dany’s eggs came from, countless magnificent dragons, I loved every part of it, and was hooked on to it despite being a pretty big book.

I was entirely engrossed since the very beginning, the conquer of Westeros with the three dragons, all the events that followed, the drama that came along with every succession. This book also has a couple of horrific chapters focussing on the dying of dragons, a bunch of kinslaying and backstabbing. (All with a dash of dragons :P)

The illustrations are fascinating as well, though the writing is brilliant enough for you to imagine. I wish there’s a part 2 of Fire and Blood, that could talk up to the Mad King’s reign (that would be so cool!!) but I guess a lot of us are still hanging around for Winds of Winter and Dream of Spring.

Oh well. :’)

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