Tales of a Telugu Girl: Chapter 1: The Cooking Conquest

So this tale is about a girl, who was unfamiliar to cooking,
about a girl who never for once thought her mom’s meals were a blessing.

Twenty one years old, and to make Maggi she’d send her brother.
They’d play rock-paper-scissors for their turn, but she’d win some way or another.

“Learn how to cook”, her mother would say,
“If not for your husband, you’d have to cook for yourself one day.”

But the lazy girl ignored that, until it was time to leave the nest,
It was then that she realized that mom’s food was the best.

It’s never too late, she observed her mom in the kitchen,
She wrote down every recipe with great concentration.

She told her roommates “I learned how to make biryani” with great pride,
And without her weekly dose of biryani in a foreign land, she surely would’ve died.

Little did she know that the first time she’d cook, she’d be scared the oil would spill,
She’s put something in the pan and run a mile away like it were some fire drill.

Turned out she didn’t learn how to cook, she just saw her mother do it.
Her first curry stuck to the pan and that’s when reality had hit.

For months and months, she made different curries that all tasted the same,
around her roommates to whom she bragged bout her cooking, she hid her face in shame.

Then her mom came to the rescue, to teach her all over again.
And with a little help from YouTube too, her cooking became a little sane.

Twenty four years old, she cooks meals for her friends, biryani being their favorite.
After a long cooking journey, they were finally able to savor it.



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  1. Awesome…. waiting for more chapters

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