The Tales of a Telugu Girl: Chapter 2: The Gujarati Gang

For a girl studying abroad, she thought she’d have friends from every ethnicity.
Little did she expect that a majority of her friends would be from the same country, just a different city.

Her first roommates were Gujarati, and weren’t quite like her per say.
Regardless, they made her feel comfortable at home in every single way.

Surprisingly, (or not), her other friends turned out to be Gujarati too,
And soon she was accustomed to the things Gujarati people do.

Being the only Telugu girl in a huge Gujarati gang,
They’d speak in Gujarati most of the time and she’d have trouble to understand.

She spent her initial days saying “I didn’t get you. Translate that please!”
But soon enough she was able to understand their language with ease.

Apart from the language, she was introduced to the world’s best chai,
and khichdi, daabeli, dhokla and so many other yum foods, she could cry.

The best part of their friendship was definitely the Garba nights,
In no time she learned Garba with grace, alright!

But every good friendship has a not-so-good side too you see,
All those dinners watching Tarak Mehta has resulted in facepalms only.

Many times I was asked “What does this Tamil song mean? You know Tamil right?”
And many times I had to remind them, “I speak Telugu!!!”, with all my might.

But let me correct myself; The best part of their friendship is that I’ve always got someone caring by my side,
And I know that these sweet (yet irritating) ones will always be a part of life’s roller coaster ride.

So two years down the lane, to my friends’ parents I show off my Gujarati speaking skills of course!
And this bau saras bunch of people is one of the things I cherish the most.



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  1. Bauu saras che!! ❤❤❤

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