Being a Girl

Being a girl means that you’ll be treated different from the rest,
Every step in life is going to be one hell of a test.

When you’re little, you simply can not play outside alone,
always wear shorts under your skirt so nothing “indecent” is shown.

When you’re in a fight with a boy, “Behave like a girl!”, they’ll say,
Cause “Boys will be boys!”, isn’t that the universal way?

Being a girl means that you can’t play basketball months before your sister’s wedding,
They’re going to see how tanned you are. Didn’t you know being fair is everyone’s liking?

You can’t post certain pictures on Instagram, you’ll be judged from just a photograph,
You will also be judged on what you wear, what you do, even the way you laugh!

You will have to work twice as hard than some guy half as talented as you,
And still be criticized and devalued for every single thing you do.

Being a girl means that you must never wear clothes that are revealing, never go out at night,
Better yet, stay at home, always have an escort, to prevent yourself from facing a tragic plight.

Your parents will constantly be worried for your safety in a world so terrible,
And some incidents will make you think their worry is in no way unreasonable.

Your bags will always hold pepper spray, emergency contacts always on your speed dial,
You’ll always be extremely cautious, you don’t want a grocery trip to end in a rape case trial.

Being a girl means that all rules apply only to you,
You may be the victim, but you’re still accused.

They’ll say it’s partly your fault you got assaulted, you asked for it by going out alone at night,
They’ll bet you asked for it by just walking on the road, waiting to be abused and burned on sight.

They’ll then make empty promises of a better place to live in,
then become oblivious till another girl becomes a victim.

Being a girl means that despite all adversities, you come out strong,
You thrive through every horrible phase of life and grow all along.

You’ll stand up to the world, to all those idiots who drag you down,
Through all the ridiculously unfair times, you never take off your crown.

You turn out to be the most caring, the most selfless among them all,
Your abilities venture out so much further than being a pretty doll.

Being a girl means that you’re the one who makes this cruel world a wonderful place,
And you’ll show the world that no matter how they harm you, you will thrive with grace.

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  2. Fantastic Spurthi ,

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